Why Rencent

Why not we ask? The bottle you drink water in is washed, filled with water and reused everyday right? Now imagine the same set of actions applied on Electronics: Reduce. Refurbish. Reuse. We simply help you do your bit everyday.


E-Waste Disposing

From collection of your e-waste and providing a valuation, to disposing off and providing a green certificate, we do everything

Turn-key project planning

We help you build technology and service around your facility at the most effective prices

Logistics Planning in EPR

In cases where the e-waste is produced or generated in larger number, we help you plan your logistics and also dispose off your waste

Asset Valuation & Disposition

Your used electronics have a good resale value. We evaluate the price and offer you the best. Do mind, it should be fully functional

Secured Data Wiping

100% Military grade data wiping from your used products. Our Promise

Bulk Licensed Windows OS

Did you know that a refurbished transferable Windows OS is 3 times cheaper than a brand new OS? Now you do

Refurbished IT hardware and peripheral

Refurbished inventory gives you a savings of as much as 28%* of your seed costs, thereby giving your funds a mobility *Terms and Conditions apply

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

AMC gives you the privilege of calling us anytime during our operational hours in case of any software/hardware-related issues thereby increasing your focus on your work

Organization Management Softwares

Our turn key project plans include refurbished hardware as well as organization software to help you formulate your business in a more streamlined manner

Rencent helps you take an extra step in building a green-sustainable environment and save almost a third in IT Hardware and Peripheral cost

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